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The King at the President’s Box

BK sponsors Spanish League’s underdog, Getafe F.C.
During a 2010 home game versus Real Madrid,
we surprised the Futbol world by breaking tradition.
Instead of having both teams Presidents sitting next to each other,
we convinced Getafe’s President to give up his seat for the King.
Real Madrid’s President, Florentino Perez, wasn’t too happy about it. Spanish fans, on the contrary, enjoyed 90+ minutes of non-stop laughter.
The next day, it was on every newspaper and TV station in the country. Some even say it was the best part of the game.


For the 2010 season, BK became Getafe’s official sponsor.
To announce this partnership, we created a site where team fans, “The Azulones” or “The Blues”,
could add themselves to the team’s official picture.
The message: Getafe is all of us.


Homepage copy reads: Some of us jump onto the field. Some of us cheer from the stands. But wherever we are, through good and bad, we’re all one. The King has blue blood and invites you to join the team.



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